Träume träumen - Träume leben

dreaming dreams - living dreams


We live in times of dramatic change. In the next ten years the stock of human knowledge and of world gross national product will double. Life expectancy can reach 120 years. The individualisation threatens the society's institutions. The society is aging fast. Children grow up without the family as safe place for social learning. There are chances to overcome the scourges of humanity. There are risks to destroy the equilibrium of the planet. The speed of change is breath taking.

I am driven by the idea, to dare as an entrepreneur new paths and to demonstrate new solutions in the most different ways, to prove to myself and others, that we are as good and successful as we unleash our creativity and take on the challenges, everybody in his way according to his talents. The issue is nothing less than the intellectual and mental constitution of our generation and our country. Whether in building my own company or in the initiation and consulting of start-ups, in initiatives in the education sector or as shadow federal minister for economy and technology everywhere was and is the essence of my undertakings, to encourage people to take their destiny into their own hands.

Jost Stollmann.